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Are you looking for a unique portrait of your favorite pop icon or movie star? You're in the right place.


"Inspired by pop music and movies, it's obvious to me to paint large portraits of pop icons and movie stars in a graphic style. Large canvases, bright colors, and the challenge to use just enough details to recognize the person. Music is like a time machine, memories and music are connected."
As a graphic design graduate, my paintings are influenced by it. Music and movies are always an inspiration to me. Since I got a radio at the age of 10, I loved pop music. The human face is very inspiring to me, I always observe faces. That's why I love to paint portraits of pop icons and movie stars. During painting, there is always music in my studio. Music and memories are connected. When I hear a certain song I know where I was, or what I did when I first heard that song. It's like a time machine that takes you back to earlier days. I know what sadness is, how it gets under your skin and painting is healing. Art and music can be healing, can comfort you, make you feel better, and make you happy. That's my goal for my paintings as well. By exhibiting in the Netherlands and all over Europe I am encouraged to keep on painting.


If your favorite isn't here, drop me a line and maybe we can make it work.

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"Pop music and movies are my inspiration.

I hope to inspire you with my paintings."

Music is like a time machine that takes you back to earlier days.

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